About Us

Dr. Rama Kant Dawar, Ph. D. Psychology & BA, LLB, LLM
Certified Interpreter by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters, Certification # 006375

About Us

Rama’s Interpretation and Translation Services entered the industry in 2000. The company provides a wide range of interpretation, translation and other related services in Federal and State Courts, Worker’s Compensation Courts, Administrative Courts, Court Settings, Private Hearings, Depositions, Video Recorded Depositions, Interviews and Investigations, Video Conferences, Under Oath Examinations, Insurance Investigations, Civil & Criminal litigation and Investigation, Immigration Interviews, Immigration Court Proceedings, Immigration Sight Translation of Documents, Immigration Video Interviews and more. We also provide our services for Administrative Court hearings for ABC, Medical Appeals, City Admin Law Judicial Hearings and related fields.

We also provide services for Medical evaluations, QMEs, AMEs, Doctor’s appointments, Diplomatic Conferences, Diplomatic Tours (We also arrange Limos for tours, tour buses for diplomatic staff and their families during visits to the United States of America), and foreign tourists.

Rama’s Interpretation and Translation Services is dedicated to provide the best interpretation and translation services in the State of California. We take pride in knowing that our customers receive the best services available. We aim to develop lasting relationships with our clients and we strive ourselves with ratings from company members and client reviews. We also take pride in confidentiality of our clients.

Our Mission

The mission for Rama’s Interpretation and Translation services is to give its customers the best services available in the area of removing language barriers, to help improve communication, remove language limitations, and educate the public and its customers on the importance of language and communication. We inspire to provide the best language services to our customer base and reinvent how language is used in our day to day lives. Our goal is to become a respected company with a clientele base that confirms our attention to detail and core values of providing excellent services at affordable prices to help the world communicate more effectively by removing the barriers of the spoken and written words that can be limited for some due to language limitations.

Our Vision

Rama’s Interpretation and Translation Services envisions itself to be the Company that best understands and satisfies the needs of a Customer base looking for services in the field of Interpretation and Translation in multiple languages in order to help remove the Language Barriers by providing high quality services at an affordable cost, guaranteeing satisfaction, friendly services, and convenient office hours for the general public.

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